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Начало DVDThe Bolshoi Ballet - The Glory Of Bolshoi (DVD-Video) [ DVD ]

The Bolshoi Ballet - The Glory Of Bolshoi (DVD-Video) [ DVD ]

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The Glory of the Bolshoi is a feature-length anthology of rare archive films showcasing the Bolshoi Ballet's greatest dancers and some very fine performances. Spanning almost a century, there are 19 selections, either complete dances or extracts. There is no commentary or documentary content, simply a succession of great ballet. Everything here is a highlight, from a pas de deux by Ekaterina Geltzer and Vasili Tikhomirov to music by Schubert which dates, extraordinarily, from 1913, through to a series of chapters showing the development of Ekaterina Maximova and Vladimir Vasiliev, including their debut together at the age of 13. At 20 minutes the longest sequence is also different to anything else on the DVD, offering the opportunity to contrast two performances of Khachaturian's Spartacus, from 1968 with Vasiliev, and from 1984 with Natalia Bessmertnova as Phrygia. Apart from this sequence a chronological presentation of the material would surely have made more sense than the apparently random order of much of the disc, but otherwise this is a superb compilation of great historic value.

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The Bolshoi Ballet - The Glory Of Bolshoi (DVD-Video) [ DVD ]
The Bolshoi Ballet - The Glory Of Bolshoi (DVD-Video) [ DVD ]


1. Les Sylphides - Waltz (04:15) -  The Bolshoi Ballet 

2. Moment Musical (04:40) - The Bolshoi Ballet 

3. Moszkowski Waltz (03:40) - The Bolshoi Ballet 

4. White Swan Pas De Deux (04:06) - The Bolshoi Ballet 

5. Black Swan Pas De Deux (02:34) - The Bolshoi Ballet 

6. Ribbon Dance (02:16) - The Bolshoi Ballet

7. Boston Waltz (01:52) - The Bolshoi Ballet

8. Pas De Trois (01:12) - The Bolshoi Ballet 

9. Sugar Plum Fairy (01:52) - The Bolshoi Ballet 

10. Le Corsaire, Laurencia, Don Quixote (03:59) - The Bolshoi Ballet 

11. Spartacus (19:55) - The Bolshoi Ballet 

12. Shuraleh (04:23) - The Bolshoi Ballet 

13. Etude (02:08) - The Bolshoi Ballet 

14. The Fountain Of Bakhchiserai (10:47) - The Bolshoi Ballet 

15. The Flames Of Paris (03:31) - The Bolshoi Ballet 

16. Ravel Waltzes (03:40) - The Bolshoi Ballet 

17. Paganini (02:24) - The Bolshoi Ballet

18. The Little Humpbacked Horse (08:11) - The Bolshoi Ballet